Thursday, May 31, 2012

FIVE CUPCAKES. I deserve them.

Eleanor is five months old and she can go ahead and stay this age. Somewhere in the last month she morphed from Fairly Contented Baby Who Laughs At Times to Deliriously Happy Baby Always Except When Put Down For Naps. She is seriously like HAAAAA, EVERYTHING!

With her, as always, are her thighs.

teeny chopsticks

lubby drumsticks

She's come a long way, baby. Especially in this last week. New crib!

New plaything!

New nutrition source!

Eventually she is going to learn to talk AND that she has a right to personal space, and she is going to be like, Stop putting your face all up in my face. But for now she LIKES it. (You can tell because she tries to bite you.)

I feel like I'll keep saying this until she learns to crawl, and then I'll be like, GO BACK, but she can go ahead and stay like this forever. I just keep LIKING her.

fresh new baby doesn't like anything, and isn't really sure what 'liking' IS

delighted baby likes EVERYTHING and likes it VERY MUCH THANKS

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blackbird said...

She may well be the finest baby on EARTH.