Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just because you're irreplaceable doesn't mean I won't try.

We are moving in just over a month, but the end has begun already. Eleanor's boyfriend Felix, with whom she has enjoyed many a rag-chew, left for France last week and won't be coming back until after we've packed our bags and hauled.

This is deeply sad to me. I like Felix' mom Kelly so much, I'd hang out with her even if she DIDN'T live just next door and have a baby exactly my baby's age. So.

I had my last book club last week as well. Alas, for that. With whom else am I going to order All The Desserts?

And here's the thing: I love task clips. Only, I have never voiced aloud this love of task clips and all their myriad uses. And yet, a few years ago for Christmas, Robyn got me a batch of clips that say 'Merde' and 'Poop' on them. I use them to hold my bag of chips closed. And then my book club got me a set of clips that say 'Pffft' and 'Ugh' on them. They are keeping my electronic chargers corralled.

And then also they got Eleanor an Elephant. It jingles and she loves it a little bit frantically.

Good-bye, Kelly and Felix. Good-bye, book club.


blackbird said...

Eleanor can still marry Felix.

Youngest is going to visit Little A in Tokyo.
They were babies together too, 15 years ago.

Amy said...

Yay! This post makes me happy despite the fact I am sad that you are leaving. I'm serious when I say we could skype book club and discuss the merits of the desserts we eat provinces apart.

Alita said...

Goodbye Rachel!

Hooray, I'm so glad you've already found uses for your clips! And that Eleanor has already loved her Elephant with her mouth.