Friday, May 11, 2012

I am haggard, but Eleanor is still cute.

I have had The Flu (Eleanor has been right as rain, which is wonderful for her, but the last time when we were BOTH sick, we spent our days cuddled on the couch watching Gilmore Girls, and THIS time I'm all, Come snuggle, it's the episode with the Dance-a-thon where Dean breaks up with Rory in front of everyone because Jesse won't stop staring at her like a creeper, and Eleanor is all *dolphin sounds, high kicks*) so in lieu of a description of my last two days, here are some things Eleanor does lately that are droll:

Suck on her lips.

Grab her toes.

Bite those toes.

Clutch her clothes with excitement.

Rub her feets together like fretful hands.


blackbird said...

Feel better soon!

Alita said...

Oh noes! You need to be all healthy for your adventuring! I hope you feel better soon... and that I didn't give you whatever it was I had, which decided to stage a comeback on Wednesday night.

Also, the Jesse & Rory scenes at the end of that episode are some of my favourite moments of all of Gilmore Girls.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Wow, she is just growing and growing! Amazing! Hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

My Eleanor never did suck her thumb but went through a brief phase around that age where she would suck her big toe. I miss that.

You feel better soon!

Reading Rambo said...

I think clutching the clothes with excitement is my favorite new behavior.