Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She's not just an extension of my body any more.

If there's one thing Eleanor is valedictorian of, it is getting things into her mouth.

She is COMMITTED and RELENTLESS in her attempts to taste Whatever That Thing Is You're Holding.

Were you eating from that bowl? Why don't I just wipe my gums on the edge.

Oh, is that your knee? I'm going to just TASTE it for you.

Are these your hair extensions? Do they taste like REAL hair? Why don't I check?

If there are TWO things Eleanor is valedictorian at, the second one is feeding. She suckles like a champ. (No photos of same, due to my previously-established No-Nakkies policy.)

We figured it was time to combine her two skills into a Super Skill.

 yesss, finally



pretty alright, I guess


In real time:

You can pinpoint the exact second that she realizes holy shit they have given me FOOD. (It's at 0:19.)


rhapsodyinbooks said...

She is so adorable. Clearly she is ready for the Pinterest challenge of Pin It and Do It! (food category)

Melissa Ward said...

LOL, that is almost exactly like what my neice Alexis did the first time she tried a solid (banana, but mushed). For about three chews she was like "I don't know about this....it's not..." and then this HUGE grin. Like a lightbulb moment.