Friday, May 04, 2012

Being four months old isn't all songs and dances.

Sometimes when I'm carrying her in the wrap, she'll catch my face out of the corner of her eye and look up at me all OH! YOU are here! Like she can't believe her luck, because not only is she out on an adventure but I am also there. And then she gets this look of mad delight on her face and burrows into my chest.

So yesterday we're walking to the clinic, and she's all Yes, a car, a house, yes, and there goes a dog, yes, and then she sees me and is like, OH HELLO, and then we laughed in each other's faces for a few blocks.

And then she flailed happily at all the nurses and then they stuck her with pins and she was furious for, I don't know, half a minute? And then she babbled at me until she dozed off, mid-murmel, ten minutes from home.

She is really aces.


Reading Rambo said...
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Reading Rambo said...

I thoroughly approve of all these posts. Have I said that before? CONSIDER IT REVALIDATED.

Amy said...

Something about the way you describe motherhood touches me in a pretty deep place... It's like I REMEMBER those days in a way I haven't for so many years.