Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The grad things, they proliferate.

So Joel had a Grad Thing on the Island last week that I couldn't go to because I had the flu and was begging for death, and then he had a Grad Thing yesterday where he got his MD Hood and Shingle.

I am like, What? This must be code for something doctory. But it is a literal shingle, it turns out.

And THIS MORNING he will have a Grad Thing where he gets his Actual Degree and Actually Graduates. Four years of school after four years of pre-school school is INSUFFICIENT YOU MUST ALSO GO TO ALL THE THINGS.

And then tonight we have a Thing and I have to find something Fancy to wear that I can squeeze my boops into.

Meanwhile, Eleanor continues to be single-minded in her quest to get That Thing You Are Holding into her mouth.

She is nothing if not consistent.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog after the birth of my little girl who was also born a tiny thing. I must say your blog is awesome! Congrats on Joels' graduation. I read that you are moving to another province; may I ask where?

blackbird said...

She's "planking" right?
That's "planking" isn't it?

I'm a little out of the loop.

Reading Rambo said...

Dude, your boobs ARE looking *quite* awesome. Which I felt weird saying on facebook, because I feel like more people you know IRL read that and I am an Internet Person.

And on an of course secondary note HURRAY GRADUATION AFTER INFINITE SCHOOLING.

Clong said...

I think you mean Eleanor is, "Shingle-minded." Hahahaha! I kill myself. :)