Thursday, May 03, 2012

Eleanor has a lot of love to give.

Eleanor has quite a few toys which she loves deeply and passionately and with her mouth. There's Skinny Lamb from my mom, who is just the right size for her to wrap her arms around, the better to bite the face of

and then The Barrister's Wig (formerly Fat Lamb) from Robyn, who must be held by the ears and bitten, but who can also be kicked at with the feet.

And then, of course, her activity gym toys, which she occasionally pulls down in TRIUMPH.

And her grandma made her a tactile blanket, with fuzzies on one side and silkies on the other, and ribbons all around for pulling on, and crinklies in the corners, and Eleanor loves it so much she wants to eat the whole thing at once.

But far and away, her favorite toys are, like, Joel's hand.

And she spends every diaper change being all, That ARM, I'm going to EAT IT.

And she's weirdly strong, and it's hard to get stuff done when she's clinging to my wrist and trying to get it into her mouth, so I give her a rag and she is like, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

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