Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinterest continues to make me fat: Vol. III

Trish is hosting a Pin It And Do It challenge, wherein you actually DO the pins you pin instead of just pinning them. We all know I am Good At This, but we also know that I like joining challenges for things I would be doing anyway.

Slow-roasted pulled pork! I would slow-roast this again. I mean, you have to weigh the disadvantage of not leaving your house for nine hours because the oven is on against the crispy, crispy edges that you can't get in a crock pot. And I would add less salt and more sugar and make the drippings into a sauce and then add that sauce to the meat. BUT, the real sleeper hit in this meal was this slaw:

For which I googled 'pulled pork slaw' at the last minute and then just ran with. Just sweet enough and slightly mustardy and a little hit from the dijon. I DON'T EVEN LIKE DIJON. But for real, slaw this up. I don't care what you serve it with.

Strawberry-lemonade bars! These went over like a house afire. They are tart and refreshing and best served cold. Because of that, and because they're pretty gooey, they aren't good travelling treats. I'm not going to want to drag them on the bus somewheres, is what I'm saying. But if you're going to a picnic lunch, and travelling there in your air-conditioned car, and not wrangling a bunch of toddlers or whatever, bring these. They are dead easy and EVERYONE WILL COMMENT ON HOW GOOD THEY ARE. I would dust the top with powdered sugar if you're concerned about the pretty, because it browns a bit unattractively.

German pancakes! I made these at the cabin, and they are wonderful for that because they take a brief whisking in a bowl and then you pour them in a pan (OR SKILLET. I recommend skillet) and huck them in the oven and then you aren't hovering over a hot flattop making pancakes for everyone while everyone eats pancakes and chatters cozily in the other room. If I was to do them again, I'd split the batter between two skillets to make a thinner pancake, and I'd add an eensy bit of vanilla and sugar. Basically, I would make them become crepes.


Meg @ write meg! said...

Oooh, everything looks delicious -- and those strawberry-lemonade bars definitely pique my interest. Especially given their "house afire" awesomeness.

Amy said...

I was just listening to a comedy channel on Pandora and the comedian said "I would reach for a lime. I am saved by the bouyancy of citrus." I don't know who it was (was riding my bike and couldn't check) but wow, one mystery solved.

Trish said...

German pancakes is one of my favorite breakfast meals though I don't own a skillet. (I've never gotten over the whole "season a skillet" ordeal).

Your enthusiasm is fan-freaking-tastic. Though leaving an oven on for 9 hours during our sweltering summer makes me want to run for the woods.

Maria @ A bookworm's life said...

Oh my the strawberry-lemonade bars look divine, I will be trying them out very soon. Happy pinning!