Monday, July 07, 2014

As well as could be expected.

BUT HOW DID EVERYONE SLEEP, you ask. By which you mean 'at night' because we've already established that Geneva day-slept almost constantly. Remember all the rigamarole we had to go through to teach Eleanor about camping last time? This was kind of a last-minute adventure, because Joel came unexpectedly into vacation time, so I threw Eleanor's pack-n-play ('MY LITTLE CAMPING BED!') into her room the day before and let her nap in it with her sleeping bag.

I kind of wish we'd gotten to Waskesiu earlier so that she could have napped in the tent, because she spent the ENTIRE FIRST EVENING wanting to go to bed. Because her bed was in the tent. She just wanted to sleep in that tent so bad. And you can only build a fire and chop up some foil packets and roast them for like an hour so quickly, and Eleanor is relentless about things she wants. The first night, she chattered in the tent for an HOUR and Joel and Geneva and I hung out by the fire and made s'mores.

And swore at the mosquitos. Later in the summer, all the standing water is dried up and they aren't so bad, but in early July it is MERCILESS. And I know about mosquitos, I've worked at summer camp, but this was another level of agony. Also, horseflies. Also, sometimes, fleas. The second night, we'd just put Eleanor down and our fire was dying and we were running low on bug repellant and THE BUGSSSSSS and I was like, To hell with this, we're going in. So we went into the tent and Eleanor was like, HI GUYS, and we were like, Hey, we're all going to sleep now, ok? So no talking. And it was 8:00 pm and bright as noon but Joel cracked a book and I lay down with Geneva (I can literally go to sleep any time these days, in seconds. It's like my super power) and you could tell Eleanor was trying so hard not to address us directly, because she wasn't SUPPOSED to, but she was saying the alphabet wrong and singing silly songs and being ridiculous to see if we would bite. That child is a riot.

But no one said anything and eventually she went to sleep. The first morning was a bit of a disaster, because Geneva woke up to eat at 4:30 and then Eleanor woke up at 5 with a leaky diaper, and you can't just IGNORE that, so I had to get up and leave the tent to get a change of clothes and a new diaper for her, and I told her to go back to sleep and man, she tried. She sat in her bed so quietly for minutes but then she'd be like, I CAN SEE YOUR HAIR, MOM because I was hunkered down in my bag. And then she'd be quiet for a few more minutes and then I CAN HEAR BIRDIES CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP. But she stayed in bed until 7, bless her. The second night, I was like, If you wake up and we are all still sleeping, that means it's still night. So you sit quietly in your bed until I tell you it's morning. And when I woke up at 6:00, I looked over and this was happening:

And she saw me peek but she didn't say anything until I sat up at 7 and told her it was morning. So, good job, Eleanor. Geneva night-slept like a baby who still has to eat, like, twice. So, good job to her, too. Good job to us all.


alice c said...

You are awesome parents. That is all.

Reading Rambo said...

I just read like five of these. And I want more. ALL THE CAMPING POSTS.

raidergirl3 said...

So you sit quietly in your bed until I tell you it's morning.

If you have a kid that will do this, you're gold, baby.

We eventually got our youngest a digital clock (once she knew numbers) so she would know when it was morning. Naturally, never before 7.