Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Snuggles has magic sleep powers.

We had brunch with Josie and her boys this morning

and then a picnic with Alexis and HER boy this evening

(whyyyyyyy do all of my friends have boys?)

so this afternoon, while Eleanor was napping, I really just needed to sit quietly and read my book and drink my coffee, so it became one of those afternoons where you let the baby nap in your lap. And she wouldn't go to sleep until I pressed her Snuggles to the side of her face

and then omg soooooooo tired.

And every time I tried to move it, she'd half wake up and I'd have to drape her head again.


kt said...

OMG your girlies are just KILLING me...and my now 16-year old girlie. Never stop posting. Sending all good vibes to you and Joel and the incredible girlies.

Chrissy said...

Aww that's ok if they have boys :). I always get the vibe from my mom friends that have girls that it is like an exclusive club or something. At one mom's group, a mom pointed me to a mom of another boy like I should go over there.

blackbird said...

Thank god for Snuggles.
I might need one. For me.