Friday, July 11, 2014

Brunch for supper. Brupper.

Because Joel is working the 4-midnight shift today,

because I went for a run today

(my second run since Geneva was born. I didn't expect returning to running to be a picnic but yes, I sort of did. Not only is it not a picnic in the way that running is never a picnic, it is grim, plodding, miserable death. But Josie and I have signed up for Color Me Rad in the fall [nope. We have DISCUSSED signing up for it, and Josie's been running 5K on the regular in preparation {I have, as previously mentioned, just started running again} know what? Hold on.......Ok NOW I've signed up for Color Me Rad], and I need to keep up to speed)

and because Geneva was just SLEEPING AND SLEEPING and then woke up and was SO DAMN HAPPY,

we had cheese blintzes for supper.

Eleanor was thrilled.


Reading Rambo said...

So fantastic.

blackbird said...

Eleanor likes to eat.
Another reason I like Eleanor.