Sunday, July 06, 2014

I was legit nervous about this dude.

Remember that time we went camping and it MONSOONED on us? And we spent most of our time in the little undercover shed with the cookstove because how else do you make food when it is MONSOONING and you live in a leaky tent? If it had monsooned on us this time, we would have been RUINED because our shed thing was occupied.

Just, ok, the biggest elk. And his lady-elk, which put us in perpetual fear of accidentally coming in between them because WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN ELK MATING SEASON IS. And I know that elk are herbivores, but I mean. Look at that guy.

He angry. And you'd come out of the bathroom and there he and his lady would be, just hanging out in the path between you and your campsite, like a couple of ASSHOLES, and then you'd be in your campsite and oh. Hey.

Go back to monopolizing the shed, you douchebag. Eleanor was just stoked to the nines, though. It's like the nature museum came to HER.

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