Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Camping dribs and drabs

BUT WHAT DID WE EAT? Because I always like knowing what other people bring camping. We made foil packets of potato, carrot, onion, garlic, and sausage, and WOEFULLY underestimated how much Eleanor was going to eat.

I resented the hell out of sharing, because they were delicious. Eleanor got to roast one marshmallow before bed.

And she still doesn't know about s'mores because camping is exciting enough without snarfing a bunch of sugar before bed. We always have skillet the first morning because skillet is delicious and hearty. We use hash browns, onions, garlic, peppers, and eggs, and this time we threw in the last third of the sausage from the foil packets instead of bacon. APPROVAL ALL AROUND.

We made chili cheese dogs for lunch, and I thought I'd forgotten the hot dog buns (I hadn't), and because I thought this, WE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK FOR THEM and just ripped some cheese buns in half. It was a delicious mistake.

Inspired by the queso corn we had at the jazz festival, I threw a few buttered ears of corn wrapped in foil on the grill for dinner, and sprinkled them with parmesan.


Not so the campfire pizza roll.


We had oatmeal with blueberries the last morning, because really all you can handle doing that morning is boiling water.

And then wraps at the beach on our way out.

Eleanor always wants to do like we do now, so if you put sunscreen on her, she's going to want to put sunscreen on you. But all she has is this sand and an ABUNDANCE OF IMAGINATION.

My sister got Geneva a bathing suit before she was born, and I liked it so much I ran out and got Eleanor the same one. I will never not want to dress them alike.

It poured rain for like half an hour, and we were already aiming for town, so we hid in the car (Joel was trapped down by the bathroom by those asshole elk).

The nature museum in town continues to be a huge hit. Besides all the stuffed animals, they have a puppet theater, which Eleanor is hugely into.

Also, a bookshelf, which she found immediately. Classic Eleanor.

Eleanor got some horsies in the mail from her grandma, and we brought them camping. They were all-stars in the car, in the campsite, and at the beach.

When will she be too old for me to be buying her adorable one-piece outfits? Never, right?


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