Monday, July 14, 2014

Two months, officially.

Geneva Wren, two months old. Blog post or it didn't happen.

The big news this month is the smiling. MAN, that makes her easier to put up with.

The happy baby noises at your face don't hurt either. And does she ever enjoy a face. Other likes include standing with support and thinking she's doing it on her own and being deranged about it, her mobile, and getting those fists to the mouth.

We had ice cream on her behalf.

Did you want some, Genny Wren?

No? Alright.

A compare from a month ago to now:

Skinny chicken wings ahoy.

Sun's out, guns out.

1 comment:

kt said...

Ooooh, the incredible cuteness.
I want the blanket, BTW.

Your girlies, dey are da bomb. My girlie (16!!) and I love checking yours out together -- the SQUEEE-potential is essentially limitless.

THanks fer dat.