Thursday, July 31, 2014

Parlor tricks.

Geneva wants to suck her thumb so badly, but she's terrible at it. She open-palms herself in the side of the face, and then slides her hand along until her thumb slips into her mouth, at which point she makes a fist and gouges herself in the palate. Then she cries, then she starts again.

Every night for the past few nights, she's woken up every couple of hours to be like, Hey, what's that awesome thing I learned to do? Oh right. And then it's ten minutes of snorting and grunting while she tries to exercise dominion over her own hand, and then I feed her because while I don't want to get her used to eating all the time at night, I DO want her to shut up and go to sleep.

But she's napping now, and TWICE she's squawked, but before I've gotten down the hallway, she's subsided into silence. This may become a useful trick after all.

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