Sunday, July 06, 2014


We went camping. I know. I KNOW. At first I was like, I've made a huge mistake. But eight-week-old babies are great campers, you guys. They just sleep. Geneva'd wake up, I'd feed her, she'd be happy for half an hour, she'd get testy, we'd put her in the car seat and swing her for a couple minutes, she'd go to sleep. SHE SLEPT ALL THE TIME.

Good thing we had Eleanor along.

Geneva on the way up.

Eleanor on the way up.

Geneva while we set up camp.

Eleanor while we set up camp.

Geneva at the campfire.

Eleanor at the campfire.

Geneva at, like, 4 am (omg so light out seriously tent be more opaque).

Eleanor at ditto.

Geneva, briefly, at the beach.

Eleanor at the beach.

Geneva ten minutes later.

Geneva at the nature museum.

Eleanor at the museum.

Geneva at suppertime.

Eleanor at suppertime.


Geneva at the beach one last time.

Eleanor at the beach. (I'm a KING. This is my robe.)

Geneva on the drive home.

Eleanor on the drive home.

They have SOME things in common.


Constance said...

Love, love, love, and more love, for you daughter of mine! I know that was a LOT OF WORK to make all of Eleanor's dreams happen. You certainly are the best mom and wife ever!

blackbird said...

Gah. Camping with a baby is like DOUBLE camping.
Double the hardness.
I remember.
On the other hand: ADVENTURE.

Vasilly said...

Oh my God. Is that a smile on Geneva's face?!

Jessica Howard said...

So impressed that you camped with two kids! We have yet to take our Eleanor (who is 4) camping.

Also, love the name Geneva! Always like to see what people pair with Eleanor. My baby is Juliet. :)