Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I take back everything I said about the saskatoon being the blueberry's homely cousin.

We went berry picking this morning. I KNOW. We're living a crazy, debauched life right now. It's just, remember how long winter was? And how it just. wouldn't. end? We have to store up against that.

Eleanor was an excellent picker. Also, eater.

The ones you eat while you're picking are free.

The Berry Barn also has a playground, for when one of you needs to get away from the hoards of mosquitos for a minute.

Also, a garden.

Also, a garden store.

Also, puppies.

Also a restaurant.

Look at the hairs on that girl. We got the waffle again, and made good use of our sole permitted trip to the toppings bar.

All OVER the face, but none on the shirt.

Now we've got some serious pies to make.

Strike another one off the list.

(Forgot to put Geneva's car seat in the Space Pod. Draped blanket did nothing vis-a-vis mosquitos. She has, like, fifteen bites in her hair and ONLY THERE. Feeling grossly negligent.)

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