Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's a trade-off, really.

Joel worked all weekend, you may recall. And he worked yesterday, the afternoon/evening shift, and Geneva wouldn't nap and Eleanor was testy and I was like, This is dumb, we are going to the bakery for dinner.

Because a friend recommended the Night Oven, near to our house, and I got EXCITED for like a sandwich or a pastry or who are we kidding, BOTH, but the Night Oven is not open Mondays.

You know what ELSE wasn't open yesterday? Christie's Bakery. Also PickNic's. So we went to Super Donair because tasty, tasty lamb.

We ate dinner early, so when we got home and I let Eleanor read for a while, she thought she was staying up WAAAAAAY past her bedtime, and was Very, Very Good. 

The upside of Joel working all rainy weekend is that he had today off, and it was GLORIOUS so we went to Pike Lake.

Eleanor loves a lake.

Geneva is largely indifferent.

Good work, Tuesday. 

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Reading Rambo said...

Geneva Wren remains super-cute. Good work.