Saturday, May 12, 2007

Did you know that you can buy cream puffs covered in chocolate and filled with chocolate-flavored cream?

Last night I met with my writer's group. We talked about size-J boobs, everyone's children (except mine, shhh!), sugar-and-wheat-free cleanses, and my sister's artistic prowess.

I think someone mentioned a book they had read, but we shushed her up right away.

Seriously, though, many exciting things are happening with these ladies. Whether it's an article published in the Herald, or a manuscript that's been accepted by an agent (right, Christine? I have no idea of how publishing works), things are moving. Don't take this the wrong way, my dears, but it gives me hope that you are all older than me. It gives me the freedom of ten more years to get where you are, and means that all I have to do now is finish that short story for class on Thursday (eep).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my sister (she of the artistic prowess), took this picture of me...

(that I can't seem to post, but that can be found here)

and painted this...I'm having her paint brushes bronzed and put on a plaque for my wall.


Hannah said...

Wow - both the painting and the photo are beautiful. Are you going to school for Creative Writing? That's what I received my bachelor's degree in.

Michael LaRoy said...

Holy smokes! This is fantastic. Give that girl a medal or something! No seriously, wow.