Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yesterday, my family met in Coquitlam to celebrate Mother's Day/Grandmother's Day (not a real day)/my birthday/my brother's birthday/my brother's engagement/my sister's return to the workforce/our general continued well-being and enjoyment of food.

Joel and I got to Coquitlam and hour early, and what does one do when one is in Coquitlam with spare time? WE WENT TO IKEA!!!

This is three different furniture items. We will now play a game called 'guess what Rachel and Joel are building.' Your only clue is this: I love Joel eight times more now than I did before this trip.
After we engage in some adult-style Meccano™ I will post pictures of the finished products.


Robyn Bishop said...

my guess is bookshelf, cuz I know you really want one

Rebekah said...

I guess a lynching-cart, except I'm sure those are illegal.

raych said...

illegal ≠ unavailable for purchase. see: cocaine.