Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yesterday Joel and I enjoyed all the perks of camping (the hot dogs, the fresh air, the intermittent rain, the nearby beach, the territorial squirrels, the jovial neighbors) without all the drags (the setting up the tent, the taking down the tent, the sleeping in the tent, the waking up when there's no fire built yet, the no coffee).

Two of our couple-friend-sets, JonandLaura and DaveandSheri, were going camping for the long weekend, despite threats of inclement weather. Joel and I drove the 45 minutes down yesterday morning (with an hour thrown in at the border), spent the day with the four of them playing Ticket to Ride and one very intense game of Game, picking our way along the beach to watch the locals dig for clams, and roasting a frozen pizza over the fire, and then drove the 45 minutes back up (with ten minutes thrown in at the border), stopping for the obligatory Sourdough Jack and milkshake, to shower in our own heated shower and sleep in our own lavish bed.

We got what you might call the long end of the stick.

PS. While we were on the beach, squirrels took over our campsite and ravaged our hot dogs. One of them climbed into the bag of chips while another stuck its head down the neck of Sheri's Nalgene. Our neighboring campers took pictures of the outrage before securing our edible goods under a box.

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Rebekah said...

This reminds me of a story you might enjoy:

One day while I was hurrying through the front door heading for the bathroom with a raging piss at the gates, I threw down my purse (which was open) with a half eatten granola bar in it (I was saving the other half for later) and I came out of the bathroom just in time to see a huge Walla head fully submerged into my little green purse. She didn't EAT the granola bar - so to speak - as much as she LICKED it to a soggy mess.