Thursday, May 10, 2007

If I did not give this post a title, the obligatory 'first sentence slightly cut off' title would look thusly: Going to an all-new school has a hug.

Going to an all-new school has a huge learning curve. I had to print an assignment off this afternoon which required me to
- go to the library,
- get an ID card,
- have an inane conversation with the ID card guy about what my name should be on it since I haven't gotten my name changed yet and I'm still registered under my maiden name,
- put money onto my ID card using this ancient black machine,
- go to print lab,
- log on to computer using 9-digit student # and 6-digit password,
- look for 'Word' on computer,
- give up on looking for 'Word,'
- thank God emailed assignment to self,
- check email,
- download assignment,
- hit print,
- look around for cleverly-hidden printers,
- find cleverly hidden printers,
- be accosted by older gal who doesn't know how to print and can't seem to understand that I don't either,
- try to figure out why printer isn't printing said assingment,
- notice small black box which says 'insert card,'
- insert card,
- startle a bit when pop-up pops up on adjacent computer,
- read pop-up,
- enter aforementioned 9- and 6-digit codes,
- utter small yelp of triumph when paper prints,
- go in search of stapler.

No hugs.


Jane said...

Yay, first assignment done and handed in.
Did you celebrate?
Well-written, clever post, by the way.

Dana L Penner said...

Where are you going to school these days? Are you and Joel competing for the most time spent in school possible?
Hey I'm coming to Abbotsford in July... wanna hang out?

Rebekah said...

this is why i never use the computers or my ID card at school. i find it much more convenient to think "i'll do that later when i'm at home" because present me is much more laid back than future me will be when she becomes present me.

my knees feel like they go backwards.