Thursday, September 04, 2014

Corn festival my eye. Also, pie.

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor Joel being know what, definitely those first three things, probably. But that last thing can't stop us from attending something with the word 'festival' in it, even if we have to walk all the way there, and even if it ends up being SUUUUUUPER lame.

The Corn Festival was just Regular Farmer's Market With Half the Booths Closed Because It's Thursday, plus a corn-shucking contest, plus corn.

Whatever, we like corn. Also, we are becoming complete degenerates with Joel out of town. We had pancakes for dinner last night and PIE FOR DINNER TONIGHT LALALALALA.

Geneva Wren says what's up.


dlgowan said...

The look on Eleanor's face is hysterical. I share her appreciation for pie.

alice c said...

Miss Wren looks as though she has a pint of beer and some pork scratchings just out of frame.