Tuesday, September 02, 2014

One down.

Joel is gone for four days now. This is like a dry run for a few weeks from now, for when he's gone for EIGHT WEEKS except weekends. So far, so good. We went to the mall for the morning

and had burgers for lunch

and made fresh muffins to have with butter for dinner.

We painted

our toenails

(washable, my ass).

On the downside, Eleanor fell off of a kitchen chair onto her face, and has had, like, ten time-outs (which is sort of par for the course these days, because I am swift and merciless with my time-outs. Also, the numbers are a bit skewed because she can't help hollering through the first time-out, the penalty for which is another two minutes. So really, she had, like, five double-time-outs today. Toddlers, man), and we ran out of both milk and coffee cream and had to make an after-dinner walk to the store in the rain.

I carry the baby, baby carries the grocery.

But everyone is in bed now, and I'm obviously not going to tidy since I've already sat down. I AM going to get up to get a bowl of ice cream, though.


Somaiyya said...

You are superwoman.

kt said...

Good choice, ice cream.....

blackbird said...

I luff you.

The year I had Youngest, K traveled for six months.
My Uncle (a man of the world) said: well, this will just be the time in your life when he travels.

Elizabeth said...

Wait, my kids are not the only ones who get double digit time-outs in one day??