Saturday, September 13, 2014

Festival season lives on.

We went to Saskatoon's first Food Truck Festival (food trucks only having been a legal thing in Saskatoon for about a year). I put a bow in Eleanor's hair. It lasted about half an hour, but look how adorable she is.

Geneva was like, Ha ha why is it so cold though are we camping again?

The Shreyer's BBQ Smoke Shack truck broke down and couldn't make it (dammit), and Saskatoon doesn't really have a thriving food truck culture yet (OBVIOUSLY) so it was mostly just the fancy hot dog truck and the popcorn truck and Big O's, who show up to everything which is why we get poutine at everything.

Hella long line, though.

And then we got a sloppy burger because man cannot live on poutine alone (though, one of these days, man is gonna try)

and I am totally going to get the Death by Donuts from Big O's ONE OF THESE DAYS but this day of long lines was not the day, and besides, they were totally running out of shit already and the line-up at the ice cream place was extremely non-existant so we got ice cream.

OH YES, and Geneva turned 4 months old yesterday. Happy birthday, Geneva.

Keep working on that soother.

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Reading Rambo said...


Also omg that poutine. I'm starting to think they maybe put WAY TOO MUCH CHEESE on it here. Because they do. But that looks like the best combination of elements. And with KETCHUP, how daring.

I also want the sloppy burger right now please thank you.