Saturday, September 20, 2014

The waiting truly is the hardest part.

My parents and my sister and her baby are coming for a visit tomorrow and I have been DYING. The week leading up to a visit or a trip is always agony because I want them to be here now. This time I planned hella activities for the week, and my parents arranged for us to have a vehicle, so we have been BUSY. Eleanor has gymnastics on Wednesdays, and she continues to love it.

Yesterday we went to the hay bale maze with Josie and her kids because SEASONAL ACTIVITIES THAT ALSO ARE FREE. 

So festive.

Look at Geneva's tiny mug. Getting pictures with all of these kids, I mean.

And then today Joel was at a conference so Eleanor and I ran a 2k.

It was FANTASTIC. There was face painting.

There was a bouncy castle.

There was burgers.

It was basically a festival where we ran for a bit in the middle. Eleanor ran or galloped ('I'm a donkey! We poop in the road!') for probably two-thirds of the way, and no one has ever been as pleased to be cheered on by volunteers as she was.

The Mogathon, you guys. I recommend it. Now we just have to sleep and then make it through tomorrow morning. Waitiiiiiiiiing.


blackbird said...

You cannot possibly have MORE fun...but you are GOING TO!

alice c said...

I'm so not going to look at the photos of you doing a run with TWO children aged 2 + 0 because you are being too awesome. #parentingbadass

Reading Rambo said...

'I'm a donkey! We poop in the road!'

I wish to think about life in such a way as Eleanor.

Also her face while running through that maze = fantastic. Was gonna go with amazing, but NO PUNS.