Monday, July 27, 2015

A rainterlude.

It RAAAAAAAINED today. Have I mentioned that Joel is gone for the week? And I'm like, It'll be cool, I'm used to doing like 36-hour stretches or whatever. But now he's gone for DAYS and I'm like, Ugh I have to gas up my own car, this is so lame. Anyway. The rain. Eleanor was painting, and I came to check on her and I was like, Why is everything like three colors. 

And then I realized that all the colors in her tray were used up, and we had no plans for the morning anyway so we went on a shopping spree and bought her a whole new set, and a new coloring book, and she painted for HOURS. 

The cousins texted to see if we wanted to join them down on Broadway after naps, and we had no other plans and it had stopped raining but was too cold for the pool and Eleanor will jump at any chance to see her cousins. 

She will also always go to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse, and she will always stop for a treat if treats are being offered. 

Look at those little snacklettes. Geneva's eating her baby cracker all like, Look at me, I'm such a big person to be eating a treat with all the other big persons. 

One and a half days down, nobody's dead, everybody's clean and sleeping. 


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blackbird said...

Sign me up for the bulk cheese outlet please.