Friday, July 17, 2015

Hercules in the park

THE UNIVERSE HATH GIVEN BACK TO ME as though to say, Hey, sorry about yesterday, my b. A theater troupe puts on plays in the park every summer, FOR FREE, going from park to park across the city, and I have been so excited to take Eleanor tonight but it mizzled all morning, a good, steady Vancouver sort of rain that won't let you put up an umbrella because it's not really raining, but you will eventually be all over wet.

So we went to the library and came home, all over wet, and then Eleanor napped for three hours and the weather cleared and she woke up and we had supper and made popcorn

and then walked down to the park, not our little park, the other park, and brought Geneva with us because Joel wasn't home yet

and set up our blanket, the one that's nylon on one side so the wet won't soak through, and then Joel stopped by on his way home from work and picked up the baby

I think I should be allowed to stay, actually

and the girls' FAVORITE STAFF MEMBER from the Discovery Museum was there, helping kids make, like, horned crowns or something

and lo she liveth in our neighborhood and is our new babysitter, and all of our other neighborhood friends were there, and we set up all of our blankets together and ate our snax and waited for the play to start.

And the play was great and good, all singing and puns and Greek gods and paper mâché lions, and the sun went behind some trees and we wrapped ourselves in a quilt my mom made

and then asked if we could take a picture beside the lion head

and then held hands and walked home in the dusk.

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