Monday, July 13, 2015

Freshening up.

It's been rainy the last day or two, which is a nice change from the blazing heat on account of the forest fires and because every afternoon my pumpkin plant is like, Ugh, I cannot.

But I had to do a thing this morning so Joel had the girls, and they didn't make it outside at all, and then this afternoon it THUNDERSTORMED and I don't even know, what do we do inside anymore.

We climb on side tables, is what. Dammit, Geneva, slow down. 

We peeled the last of the peaches, but Eleanor couldn't get started until she had her 'serious glasses' on.

Peeling peaches is serious work, I guess.

We made peach sauce for our pancakes, for supper. Peaches are UNREAL, there's a reason why we make pies out of peaches and not nectarines, but WHYYYYYYYY is there fuzz. I cannot handle it. Anyway. By the time we were done supper, our neighbor's son was out playing basketball with his buddies and so we creeped on them for like half an hour.

It can storm all it wants tonight, but it had better clear up by tomorrow because A Taste of Saskatchewan starts, and I need to be outside. Tasting things.

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blackbird said...

Eleanor looks like a little girl (not as much like a toddler). Must be the specs.