Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada and jazz

The smoke monster is lifting. The air smells like air, mostly. Summer is back on. It was a two-festival day.

Maple bacon poutine because patriotism.

Cupcake because free.

Donuts because...donuts.

That's exactly how I feel, Eleanor.


I have Feelings about the Canada Day festival, because like two days after we arrived in Saskatoon, we were like Hey, let's just take a break from packing and go to this thing over here, without realizing how FESTIVALLY Saskatoon was going to turn out to be. And, I don't know, it's just symbolic to me or something of how pleasantly surprised we have been, living here. If we could just teleport home like once a week, we'd probably stay here forever.

Anyway. Eleanor woke up and then Geneva woke up and I was like, Hey look, it's sunny, and Eleanor was like, NOW WE CAN GO TO THE JAZZ FESTIVAL, because she has been hella bummed by the smoke and the staying inside, and Joel and I were like, *shrug* so we packed a picnic and hopped on our bikes because it is no longer detrimental to our health to do any sort of strenuous exercise out in the air.

Geneva is just a lark these days. LOOK AT ME I AM CLAPPING LIKE THE BIG PEOPLE WHO CLAP

She is serious about hydration.

You should also be serious about hydration you know.

And my children are just friendly as hell. Eleanor has discovered small talk and can't stop making non sequitur comments at strangers. There are like eight people who don't know our names but who DO know how much we hate the rabbit who has been eating our plants. Geneva is always just like, What is up, human person?

Seriously though hydration is really important let me get this for you.

She totally scammed like half a bun off the guy sitting behind us. She's basically a people puppy. Such a lovely bunch of lollopy beasts I have.

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