Thursday, July 02, 2015

Further evidence of growth.


We got there at 10 to get nice and sweaty on the playground before the pool opened at 10:30, but they couldn't get the chemical mix right and OMG WE WERE THERE UNTIL AFTER NOON WAITING FOR IT TO OPEN.

Ugh, urrbody so sandy.

Anyway. Pool opened. Remember our first summer when Eleanor was so eenys?

THIS IS HER IN THE DEEP END NOW all like, whatever, it's up to my teeny butt.

Children grow, gardens grow, this should not always be blowing my mind like it is. Geneva still fears water like unto death, but she's getting the hang of it.

And then. AND THEN. Did I tell you guys Josie had her baby?

LITTLE SQUISH. Speaking of children growing. Geneva was once that size. And last summer was So Hard, that whole first year is so hard, and as long as it feels (omg so long), it is only a year. And then there you are, with your year-old baby, and you all sleep through the night and nobody is eating out of your body, they're just over here like, Gonna eat this broccoli up rill good.

It is bonkers.

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