Saturday, February 12, 2011

All I do these days is cook, eat and type.

We eat a lot of soup, on account of our house being never not cold, and one time I made bread to go with the soup and now we can never not have bread with our soup.  The other day one of my friends on twitter was going on about her stuffed bread and I was all *perk!* but it turns out stuffed bread is more like a pastry, and not what I had invented quickly in my head.

Unperturbed, I set about making what I had invented quickly in my head.  Bread dough (probably any will do.  I used half of this), and then a medly of pesto, feta, and sundried tomatoes.

My medly is not photogenic.  ANYway, after first rise, roll out bread dough into a long oval that is as wide(ish) as your loaf pan.  Literally the only thing I have learned about making bread is that if you are rolling it out and it is resisting, just walk away for ten minutes to let the gluten relax.  Spread oval with unsightly medly.

Roll from short end, pinch edges in futile effort to keep the insides inside.  Place seam-down in loaf pan. 

Think to yourself, That could be bigger.  (It is due to this sentiment that I spent every Home Ec 11 class cleaning out the bottom of the oven.  There are many things, muffins and cookies included, which are the size they are for a reason.)  Wander off so the bread can embiggen.

Brush with oil, because why not.  Bake at 400.  Mine took, like, 25 minutes? 

Nom, with soup.  (Soup not pictured, nor nomming neither.)


Anonymous said...

It's like a cinnamon roll of savouryness.

Chelsie said...

That looks AMAZING! I will have to try that next time I make bread. Nom.