Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let the good times etc.

I mentally abdicated my semester Tuesday after my presentation even though I still had two days left and yesterday it took all my wrangling skills to apply myself to my books for long enough to churn out sufficient thesis for my meeting today.  But I have come through Thursdaywhyareyousolong intact and now I am officially on break.

I have an obscene amount of scholarly things to get done in the next ten days including quilting together my various thesis-bits into something I can call a First Draft and hand in.  But tomorrow I will be lolling about reading Connie Willis and probably not putting on pants.  Enjoy your workday, suckers.


wintunancy said...

Can't wait to hear what Connie Willis book you are going to be reading. Have read two and am wowed by her imagination.

Tikabelle said...

WOOT for the end of the semester! I shall join you in spirit tomorrow after 12:10. First I must make 60 surly teens write about Why Gatsby Had to Die. Muahahhaha mine is an evil laugh!

alice c said...

Today I process expense claims and plan the timetable for next year. My only consolation is that it is Friday. And that tomorrow is Saturday if I can last that long.