Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is literally all my blog is going to be about for the next month.

We are free-trialling Netflix this month and we are going to watch the shit out of these free movies.  First up: a documentary on Yellowstone National Park.  I know, but it was late and Joel had been out and I had had friends over and we were just looking to fall asleep to something visually spectacular.

We missed the first five minutes in which they probably explained where YNP is because we were debating where it is (I thought it sounded like it should be in California, but I think I was thinking of Yosemite, and Joel thought it was in Colorado, but it turns up in Wyoming.  I'd forgotten that was a state) and then it was all blizzards and wolves and bison and OTTERS WHAT?  Otters in the snow, guys.  Helladorable.

Somewhere around the return of spring we fell asleep, but I'm sure most of the animals made it out alive.  Except for that one deer-thing.


Hannah said...

In order to help you be more effective in this tiny month of free movies, here are a few of my favorites that you might enjoy:

1. Wristcutters: a love story
2. Babettes Feast (in fond remembrance of all things Taylor)
3. Jane Eyre miniseries
4. All the Mystery Science Theater 3k you can handle

Thats all I can think of at the moment. I'm slightly jealous, Netflix not believing that Mexico would also enjoy an abundance of deliciously accessible movies that aren't poorly pirated.

Tikabelle said...

Once you finish your free month, lemme know and I'll send you another one! I think you just need a different email address; we can test it out.

Some others to watch:
Dr. Who
The IT Crowd
Fawlty Towers (yay!)

Now if you'll excuse me, David Boreanez is calling my name. Metaphorically speaking.