Monday, February 21, 2011

Division of labor

I went to grate half a block of mozzarella that Joel insisted was going to start molding any minute now so that I could throw it in the freezer and halt the molding processI like to have mozzarella in the house because it is delicious on things like Lasagna and Everything Else, but it is hell to grate.  Pizza-mozzarella is, anyways.  It is like trying to grate a very old cheese string.

ANYway, I also have a tiny food processor that I was bequeathed by my mother (who has a Magic Bullet now and is too good for tiny food processors) that I usually use to grate large amounts of freezer-bound cheese.  I chunked my mozzarella in and the processor whizzed for a second and then quit.  I thought I'd broken it.  No amount of redistribution of cheese would make it start up again.

So I had to grate my mozzarella by hand, and since I had chunked it up it was like grating the very last bit of cheese, only seven or eight times.  Woe and alas for my fingertips.  AND, after I'd removed all the cheese and grated it (by hand) I fired up the empty food processor just to see, and it whizzed like a champ, all Dude, I will make hummus for you and lemon curd and will even grate carrots if you need it, but no way am I tackling that mozzarella.

Touche, food proccessor.

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blackbird said...

Some small appliances are just evil.