Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I take it back. It's not like summer at all.

The hell, late February?  This is outrageous.

In other news, remember that time Joel and I went to see 'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' and were unexpectedly and hilariously in it?  Ha ha, that was rad.  ANYway, last night we went to the same theater to see 'The Cryptogram' as our belated Valentines Day present to ourselves.


The blurbs and reviews promised TENSION and HITCHCOCKIAN MENACE and heavily implied that spooky doings will be done.  But...a boy is waiting for his father to come home from work, but then his mother finds a note saying that the father has left her, and then in the next act she finds out that her beloved gay friend with whom she has been chatting this whole time facilitated her husband's infidelity, and then in the third act everyone is angry at everyone else, and the boy keeps saying that he's hearing voices which, dissolving marriage and betrayal or no dissolving marriage and betrayal, you should probably get that checked out because your boy is about to either Sixth Sense or A Beautiful Mind up in here.  

It was snappily-written and well-acted but I am a philistine who needs for those things to be combined with a discernible plot arc.  I know that summary kind of sounds like things happened, but they didn't so much happen as serve as a theoretical backdrop for a lot of interrupted conversations.  From a snooty analytic standpoint it was an intelligent commentary on the moment of lost innocence ETC but from a lazy theater-goer's standpoint it was there.

Joel and I have tried to watch The Wire and we got three seasons into Six Feet Under before we realized that we were mutually hating it.  We like 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory and Community and Modern Family and have finally come to terms with the possibility that we like our theater like we like our tv: short, amusing, and (if possible) set to music.

It is still snowing.  Add another inch and more daylight on to that top photo.

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alice c said...

Snow. It is what happens if you buy a bikini in February.