Friday, February 25, 2011

We went sledding.

It is sunny and there is snow, ipso facto we went sledding today.  Except that we don't own sleds, and Walmart's seasonal section has moved on to patio furniture and rakes.  We bought some inflatable snowmobiles on clearance for $4. 

They were faster than anticipated.

And easier than regular sleds to tote back up the hill (on account of being full of air).

They did present a tendency to tip if you tried to steer with the handles.  You had to use the ass, and sometimes the heels.

I also bought a bathing suit, because you can lure spring in if you aggregate enough scanty clothing.  Also because Walmart bathing suits are cheap, and absurdly adorable.

Polka dots!  Ruffles!  Ruffles WITH polka dots!

Today has been very...seasonal.


blackbird said...

You silly.
You should have worn the bathing suit ON the inflatable snowmobile.

Anna said...

I am trying again...but I WILL tell you that I read your blatant mockery of my blog-commenting skills and had a very witty retort that booksidoneread would NOT allow be to publish....I think I am too witty for my shirt.
And your blog.
In other questions, do you have a life photographer follow you around to document your doings? Does she/he have a bored friend I can hire so I never have to remember to take a picture again?
This is the longest comment ever to make up for all my deleted words. And now all your book blogging friends think I am incompetent. And also is your friend Meg Rosoff THE Meg Rosoff of YA fiction fame?