Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's like pie with less work (and, sadly, less pastry)

Ok remember that time I learned to make cake in a mug and then had mug-cake every day for, like, two weeks, that second part of which I neglected to tell you because it makes me sound irresponsible?  Well!  Now I have taken up frying my apples.

It's no mug-cake, but spring break tends to give me The Fats and frying the apple upgrades it from a Healthy Snack to a Tasty Treat and makes me (slightly) less inclined to go foraging for old Christmas candy.  Also, APPLES!  Good for the intestinal biosphere.

Take one apple.  Skin if you are not lazy (I am both lazy and sort of convinced that all the nutrients are in the skin), core, slice thin.  Melt a bit of butter in a pan...half a teaspoon, say.  Probably more.  Saute the apple as if it were an onion and you were making soup.  Maybe make soup with the apple, I don't know.  If not making soup with the apple, add a teaspoon or so of brown sugar after maybe fiveish minutes, or when your apple starts to get soft.  Splash in some lemon juice, the littlest bit of vanilla extract, quite a bit of cinnamon.  Saute some more until you think you are done.  Eat.

Also, I have been getting my work done in the bedroom because we have these enormous south-facing doors, which are hideous in the summer (because the room gets very warm) but delicious in the fallwinterspring (because the room gets very warm).
It's like summer without all the complaining about the heat.


Anonymous said...

I personally am addicted to individual microwave apple crisp. Slice up an apple, mix together a couple tablespoons of oats and brown sugar with a tablespoon of flour and one of butter/margarine/fake margarine, add some cinnamon, pour it on the apple, microwave for a minute or two. So delicious. I pretty much make one every time there's an apple in the house.

blackbird said...

I am here to tell you that there is NO recipe in the history of the world that uses a teaspoon of butter. There is no SUCH THING as a TEASPOON of butter. Don't make me go all caps on you.

raych said...

lesbrary - That...sounds delicious. I will have to accidentally make it.

blackbird - FINE IT WAS A WEDGE OF BUTTER! A healthy wedge. 'Teaspoon' sounds more moderate AND more recipe-like, BUT I COVERED MY ASS by saying 'probably more.' You all knew it was more.

Unless you are objecting to my use of 'teaspoon' as a unit of measurement because you prefer, like, grams or mLs or ounces, in which case you can suck it.