Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My grown-up clothes.

Ok and so also?  For this theory presentation not only is it on theory but we have to dress professionally.  Which...we are humanities students.  We are almost incapable of putting ourselves into things that are not sweatpants or sweatpant-adjacent.

Closet-scrounging = me looking officious.

See how officious?  And...er...comfortable?  Actually, the skirt is pretty stretchy and wedges are like the Ugg of heels so except that my blazer doesn't fit me in the boobs, I'm fairly at ease in this.  Also, it will hide my EXCESSIVE FLOP SWEAT.

I have almost thrown out each item in this outfit both individually and collectively over the last three years, but thank goodness for my hoarding tendencies or I'd be showing up for my presentation in Joel's suit.

Now to go do some deep breathing.

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