Monday, February 07, 2011

Let's talk about my jeggings.

Some people (Tika) are still on the fence about jeggings.  I have been ruined for ordinary jeans because they are so uncomfortable and am pretty zealous about their leggingy counterparts.  They combine my love of exceedingly tight jeans with my fondness for wearing pyjama-like things out of the house.  Brace yourself for a photo-coercion, with side-bar of necklace.

Jeggings.  They look like jeans.

Except that I can do impromptu lunges in them.

They are not unlike the pair of stretchy jeans that Robyn had in 2002 that Trisha and I used to fight over, except that those had actual front pockets, not just decorative illusions.

These do have back pockets and, weirdly, a change pocket.

But why am I wearing my boots in these pictures?  Jeggings are skinny, kidlings.  I am not quite used to seeing all of my foot in this way.

Also, your entire ass-crack will be showing when you sit down, if you are not careful.  So wear a belt (they have belt loops!) or a long shirt, or just throw your decency out the window.  Whatever.

In other, non-jegging news, I am loving the shit out of a bolo tie I got at a clothing swap last weekend.  I wore it to Super Bowl yesterday because I do not own any football-, Wisconson-, or Pennsylvania-themed items, but the Bowl was being played in Texas, and I feel delightfully Texan in this.



Anonymous said...

I saw some on sale at Target the other day, and it was honestly the elastic waistband that killed it for me. But I want you to know I've gone so far as to take them off the rack to try on before running the other direction. I sense that I'll cave eventually, if only for "athletic" purposes. It's what I'm telling myself.

Katie, Interrobangs Anon said...

I adore jeggings. Having big ole hips but skinny legs, most skinny jeans are not in fact skinny on me. But finding them long enough is a bitch. So I'm saving my pennies for Gap ones. I will not, however, be saving my pennies for a bolo tie. Those are all yours, toots. ;)

P.S. 'Tis a secret (and therefore shall not be mentioned on le blog), but I'm coming to Vancouver for a weekend in April to surprise a college friend.