Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In six hours I will be done my last exam.  MY FINAL FINAL.  Zoots.  I have two multi-use essays queued up in my head to be tweaked to fit whatever the essay question is.

Boo and I fly to New York in a month today.  ONE! MONTH!

I am The Thing That Doesn't Stop Eating.  C'mere, 2kg bag of chocolate chips.

We're getting an iPad2.  THANKS, PARENTS!  I will be squeeing more about this once it's actually in my hands but ok, what apps should I get?  Angry Birds, natch.  And the kindle app?

Remember how our microwave and can opener and car were all broken at the same time?  We got new all those things (ok, the car is 'new to us' but also 'newer than any car we've ever owned' and thanks to Joel's parents for that.  We have excellent parents).  Now I can heat things and open cans AT A WHIM, but I can no longer drive, because the car is standard.

Once more over the notes, dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

Aunty Lois says ...

Itunes + 'free' = hours :)

I could make a list, but you will discover that google and a host of Ipad owners have done that work already.

Good thing you are pretty much done all that educationy stuffs for a while.

Also, know that I will be waiting to see/read bloggings of New York from you and Boo!!