Friday, April 22, 2011

Neatable eatables.

We aren't going to talk about the game yesterday.  SUFFICE IT TO SAY that Joel and I left Cactus Club after the 2nd.  Alas.

We are instead going to indulge in some food pr0n, specifically tea pr0n.  Nic and I have been trying to go for tea for ages but tea rooms keep odd hours, and Nic as a med student keeps odd hours, and I keep hardly an hours at all.  The Empress is allegedly the place to go for high tea but word on the street says it's over-priced and under-good, while that same word highly recommends the White Heather Tea Room (and now, so do I).

Tower of Tasty Treats!  You guys, this is my ideal meal.  Many tiny bits!  May I take you on a tour?

On the lower tier we have the warm items: the fresh lemon scone, the spinach and gruyere crustados, the ham and mushroom quiche.  The lemon scone came with several spreadables:

Counterclockwise from front, a raspberry preserve, a lemon curd, some heavy whipped cream, and a lemon honey butter.  The scone was the only Thing On Which One Could Spread Spreadables, so I started just putting them all on.

I was designed for this sort of eating.  Moving on!

The middle tier has a smoked salmon on a lemon ricotta muffin, a goat cheese-tomato-basil phyllo cup, an asparagus and cream cheese tea sandwich, and a chicken-mint-red pepper jelly pinwheel sandwich.  I would have eaten many of those phyllo cups.  And many of those asparagus sandwiches.  I would have eaten this tier several times over.

The hierarchical tier is where they keep the goods.  Butter tarts, almond macaroons, carrot and mango cake, nutella and hazelnut birdsnest cookies, and chocolate-dipped strawberries.  And some chocolate eggs, which we pocketed because by this time we were rolling in our dainty chairs.  Carbs and cheeses and butters and sugars are, it turns out, rich.

It ALSO turns out that you need all that tea just to wash everything down.  And that everything is tiny.  The tables were tiny, the cups were tiny, we felt like giants with ham-hands.  There was a table leg right by my knee, and every time I moved I would bump it and all the tiny spoons would rattle in the saucers.

But verrrrrrrry worth it.  Also worth it?  Risking the wrath of the dollar store next door so I could snag a photo with their life-size Sam Skellington.

What a rogue, that guy.  Ok so I ate all that and then Joel and I went for a walk along the harbor to gaze lovingly at each other (as one does)

and then to Cactus Club, which we won't be talking about except that their Korean bbq braised pork lettuce wraps are very good.

All in all, an excellent anniversary and first-day-in-which-I-am-not-a-student.  Today I will eat nothing but vegetables.  (I am eating a bag of chips right now.  I can't lie to you.)

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leahandmichael said...

firstly, yum! lets visit vic when i get home and have some high tea.

second, happy anni! def was thinking of you guys, but was on a long trip from malta to portugal that day...

and thirdly, potatoes are vegetables