Thursday, April 21, 2011

Four and going

Four years ago today Joel and I kissed on the sand while everyone pointed and screamed.

Then we went to Mexico and spent a hilarious amount of time trying to find a bar that would play the Canucks games for us (we lost to Anaheim that year).

Three years ago we were living in Dave and Sheri's basement and learning how to drink wine properly.

Two years ago we in Victoria.  Newly entranced by the bunns and by being at Mile Zero.

One year ago we were...still here.  I had just finished having cancer and Joel was wrapping up third year and we were mostly glad just to still be ticking.

Then we went to Terrace and drove from Terrace to the lava beds and from Terrace to Prince Rupert for Seafest and from Terrace to Alaska to see the glaciers.

Then Joel wrote the USMLE while I chased kids on bikes.

Then we went to Prague.

And then Turkey.

And then Greece.

And then Prague again.

Then we came home and went back to school like grown-ups.

Then it was Halloween and Joel got eaten by a shark.

Then it was Christmas and we did all the Christmas things, like visit the German Christmas market, and go ice skating in Robson Square, and have chocolate fountain, and go out for Christmas Eve Chinese food.

Then we came home and had some springtime before it snowed again and we went tobogganing on inflatable snowmobiles.

Then both our sisters bought houses (parallel lives!) and we lost Grandma but got a puppy-niece.

Now Joel is trekking through the last lap of his third year and I am done maybe for ever and for all (and I wrote a thesis!) and applying for work at Boston Pizza because I've been out of serving for long enough that I remember liking it.  This year has been travelicious and Victoria is growing on me and I will be sad(dish) to leave.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have a hockey game to watch tonight.


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

You have had some adventures, you two. Happy anniversary! (be sure to tell Joel that the crazy stalker from "the internet" said so).

P.S. Huzzah for kicking the thyroid right in its annoying glandular ass. 'Tis my least-favorite gland at the moment, and I enjoy hearing tales of its defeat.

alice c said...

And you are both awesome. Happy day and many more!

trish said...

"I've been out of serving for long enough that I remember liking it." This is why I now think about being a server with fondness and actually envy the servers when we go out to eat.