Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What?  Oh, hello.  Weird weekend, is why no blogging.  I'm not sure how to say 'very great and also very sad' except, ok, like that.  It was very great and also very sad.

So, we had the graveside memorial on Friday and that was just family so we could all lose our shit and not care because family is the people who lose their shit right alongside you.  The funeral on Saturday was sad with laugh-y bits because my aunt made a video and my grandma was hilarious and she has left a legacy of hilarious children and grands, so the video was mostly LOLs.  It helped that she lived a generous life so that people could find nice things to say about her without thinking terribly hard.

In betweenst the memorializing Joel and I got to see boo and Darren's new place, and it is charming (except for the room that smells like dog wizz, and it only smells like wizz on account of this beast

who is extremely difficult to hate).  Georgie-face!  Georgie got to meet the extended family after the funeral on Saturday when we all went back to my aunt's.  My cousin's friend had catered the funeral so we got to bring the leftovers back with us and break bits off the cheese platter with our fingers because family isn't fussy.  I wish I had taken a picture because the food was lavish.  Grandma would have been proud, and then would have eaten her money's worth of bacon sandwiches and California rolls.

And then on Sunday I met Katie the Interrobanger (who, contrary to popular belief, did not turn out to be a murderous internet-stalker) for coffee, and there's a picture but her bangs look funny and I'm blinking so you'll have to pretend.  Or take this picture of me wrassling Georgie instead.


Mum said...

Georgie is a good fit to the fam don't you think? Can't wait for stories of The Georgie Dog.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Thank you for assuring the internet of my non-murderous stalker-ness. And for not posting a photo of me with funny bangs. Bless you.

Fun times all 'round meeting you, lady.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

COUSIN LOVERS! Georgie and Norman are.