Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tacos and sweaters!

There is a Mexican food truck in downtown Victoria, and I walked by it a few times before I facebooked my friend Kayleigh all, I'm not sure you're aware, but there is a Mexican food truck downtown.  And she was like, Do you mean *pause for effect* the Puerto Vallarta Amigos?  And I was all, I think so?  I must.  There's no way there are two Mexican food trucks in downtown Victoria.

We made plans to go there for lunch last week but I had the flu and the last thing you want to be throwing up is spicy food that you otherwise enjoy.  Today I went back downtown to continue my quest for a Plain Black Cardigan (more about which anon) and met Kayleigh at the food truck.

Arriba!  Etc.  So mobile and delicious!

I got the tacos, because there are many options for fillings and this way I could get two of each of the meats (beef, pork and chicken, obviously).

Muy bueno!

Moving on.  So I've been looking for a plain black cardigan, of medium thickness (neither crepe paper nor heavy knit), with a body to the hips and sleeves to the wrists and no gewgaws or ruching, and I've been looking for months because I don't want to pay $40 for a cardigan.  I finally found one today in Sirens, of all places, where everything is gewgawed and ruched within an inch of its life, and because it's Sirens it was only $15.  So I also got it in dark blue.

[No photo because it is literally just a cardigan.  The yawniest cardigan ever.  I am thrilled.]

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blackbird said...

A couple of things:

1. I'm so happy that you EAT. You know what I mean.

B. I need to see the cardigan.

also, I'll be at BEA on the 24th.