Friday, April 15, 2011

Up hills and down.

We went for a hike today.  The weather has been nice for a few hours every morning, and then cloudy FOREVER ALWAYS after, so our hike was gloomy.  Also, we are not terribly good hikers.

I'd heard the hike to the observatory is good, and every time we pass the Center of the Universe sign I want to go to there (even though I realize how disappointing 'there' is bound to be), but we accidentally drove up the part you're supposed to hike (because it is a street) and when we got to the top we felt disinclined to drive all the way down so we could hike back up to see the view we were currently seeing.

At least I got to go to the Center of the Universe.

It looks like this.

That picture in no way captures how HUGE and WHITE that building is.

Anyway, we were still hankering for a hike so we drove home and hiked Mt Doug, which I had hiked that morning with Shannon.  It's about 20 minutes of vigorous uphill walking and then you can see all of Victoria, including the giant hay sphinx.

Ha ha, what?

I am very hungry now, from our hikes, and in fifteen minutes I will go make kettle corn and watch the game and cross all my appendages.

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