Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am so very almost a BA (again).

So many things, you guys.  Ok, really only three things, firstly that I did the readathon on Saturday (and it was excellent, as always) and secondly that Joel and I had a movie-a-thon on Sunday (which I will talk about at a later date because most of the movies we watched were hilariously bad) and yesterday I fretted and today I defended my thesis.

Zoots!  It is done!  And I got an A, so high fives for me.

Ok but guys, very stressful.  Because when I got there at 10 the honors advisor was all, I am very sorry and this is horrible but your third reader thought it was this afternoon, so she hasn't read your paper yet.  Would you mind coming back at noon?  So I had to go away for two hours and FRET some more and also eat a snack because noon is hungrytime. I had worn a cap-sleeved cowl neck sweater because it looks officious and the cowl neck hides my nervous chestal flush, but it is also a Catcher of Snack Crumbs, so.

The defense itself went well and was semi-fun after I got over being HAND-SHAKINGLY NERVOUS and figured out that the one panelist's skeptical oh really face was actually just her interested face.  My supervisor's questions felt more like conversations, but the other two reader's questions were very ON THE SPOT-putting.  As, I suppose, they are meant to be.  They were kind, they were just...pointed.

At one point I found myself talking about the Twilight books (totally germane, since we no longer have such a clearly-delineated class system in North America and Bella's 'Cinderella myth' requires her to become a vampire as her sort of ascension of the class structure...whatever, it made all kinds of sense within the conversation) and I could hear myself talking about them in a Serious Literary Context but I couldn't seem to stop.  It was so terribly pertinent.

And then I left the room and they deliberated and then I got my grade and now I am DONE ALL THE HARD THINGS.  I have a CanLit final next week but pffffft (not pfffft in that I'm not going to put forth effort, but pfffft in that I'm not fussed).



Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Now, what will your third BA be in?

I defended by comprehensive exams with bronchitis, so the defense basically went, "Good job. Now go home and drink lots of tea." And when I defended my master's thesis, my advisor let me know I'd passed by sneaking up behind me and uncorking a bottle of champagne.

Good luck on Can. Lit. Just remember Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondatje (or however you spell that), and Ann-Marie MacDonald, since in my mind that is what Can. Lit. is. Oh, and some Leonard Cohen.

Heather J. said...


Karen said...

Huzza indeed! YAY and Brava too!

Tikabelle said...

Hurrah! Congratulations!!

blackbird said...

Well done.

Mum said...

Hurrah Hurraw! Proud and Pleased as Punch. You didn't get any of that english expertise from me. Well earned and deserved!

Now off to the dentist with you!

leahandmichael said...

whoo hoo!! nice work sil! BIG HUGS!!