Monday, April 18, 2011

This is where my blog starts to sound like a diary a little

but yesterday was All The Good Things!

I went up Mt Doug with Shannon and Chelsea and Seamus, which makes the third time I've done that 'mountain' in three days which means I can lie around all day tomorrow with exercisorial impunity.  Also, SEAMUS!  That sweet doggy.

And then Joel came home from call and we had brunch at John's Place and I had a waffle and how long has it been since I've had a Belgian waffle?  My dad used to make them all the time.  Next year, when I move in with my folks and their waffle maker?  Look out, waistline.

And then we went shopping for my birthday present but came up empty-handed (I want these but our Le Chateau didn't have them in gold OR my size and I am not a store and cannot therefore order them wholesale online) but we both bought new shades, so PARTIAL VICTORY!

Also, have I mentioned it has been both sunny AND warm?

And then we came home and had steak salad and watched the Canucks beat Chicago again.  W00t, you guys.

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Mum said...

There's birthday $$ coming your way, would you rather I see if Le C has the shoes in your size?