Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Also, another update on my papers! Rejoice!

I don't actually expect any of you to read this. This is just to prove to myself that I do get a damn thing done, and that I don't fritter my hours away improving my Facebook Pirate.

1800-word paper comparing one novel and two short stories:
Due: Thursday
Accomplished thus far:
- novel and short stories read
- 2039 words written, 5% of which is crap and must be revised/edited out

750-word rhetorical analysis of a text:
Due: Thursday
Accomplished thus far:
- text read
- 790 words written, 25% of which is crap but only 5% of which I may revise/edit out since I'm still pretty vague on what I'm supposed to be doing.

45-minute group presentation on short story:
Due: Thursday
Accomplished thus far:
- story read
- group met briefly, discussed how much we hate mosquitoes, how bad our vision is, adjurned
- presentation written up (must still practice presentation and write up outline to hand in)

Final Exam:
Due: 23rd of August
Accomplished thus far:
- still zilch

If anyone's earned a donut, it's me.

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