Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A visit to the parentses

Around some people, you can use completely the wrong word, and have them still know what you mean. Like referring to a bumbleberry pie (inexplicably) as a 'battered wife pie,'
and to those little spore/burs that we found on our clothes after picking blackberries for the battered wife pie and stuck to Koala's forehead as 'spurs.'

Some people will buy the deoderant that comes with two Biore Pore Perfect strips, and then let you use one to clean out your nose pores while you both hide your chins with your hands.
Some people can look at you with one eye, and at the camera with the other.

Some people dress you up in too much mascara and then spray water at your face to make it run, all the while saying 'I'm so sorry' because every time you get sprayed in the face, you flinch as though you've been struck. They do this for artsy reasons of their own
but then they also snap photos of you while you're telling a story, wrapped in a plaid blanket, and you end up looking shocked but not altogether displeased at the approach of your own death.

If you are one of these people, I thank you for an entertaining Monday.


Mum said...

Awww =0)

We LOVE having you home and being entertained with your precociousness too! Not to mention the bakings of aforementioned pies to conspire us into little tubby Pletts.

Loved it that Joel was willing to play and sing for us. Such a good in-lawster. He's a perfect add to the fam.

Soon I will have a bed that isn't on the floor and you and Joel can crash here any time you are in town... like ThanksgivingS and such. xxxooo


Rebekah said...

i think she meant me, mom.

Mum said...

I realize that she meant you Boo and it may be secretly why we keep you stored away in that corner room. he, he.

It's fun to see the two of you commiserate in our surroundings is all. I'm not taking credit... just loving it that such shenanigans happen in our neck of the woods. Practice for when you visit Dad and me in the Old Folks Home and we're in need of witty entertainment.

You two are way too cute not to love! Not to mention how dear you girlies are to me. Luv, Mum =0)